About Vintage Motors USA

Vintage Motors USA Car Club is an organization whose mission is to:

  • Promote fellowship among its membership.
  • Encourage and provide restoration and technical support for its membership.
  • Provide a forum for social interaction based on the enjoyment of American made vehicles.


Our intent is to keep the by-laws as simple as possible:

Vintage Motors USA Car Club By-Laws


The name of the organization shall be the “Vintage Motors USA” car club based in the state of Michigan. Logo will be as used at the top of this page.


The club is dedicated to our mission to promote fellowship, restoration support, and social interaction based on the enjoyment of American made vehicles.

ARTICLE III: Governance

The Chairpersons Group shall consist of the original founding members (15 people). In the event that a member of the Chairperson’s Group resigns, a replacement can be appointed by the remaining Chairpersons Group members.

ARTICLE IV: Membership

  • Membership in the club is limited to 150 members.
  • A prospective member shall be required to fill out an application and be sponsored by another member in good standing.
  • The Chairpersons Group will approve a person to join the “Vintage Motors USA” car club by a minimum vote of greater than half of the Chairpersons Group.
  • A current paid member in good standing includes one spouse or significant other to all club activities.
  • Any person’s membership may be reviewed for interfering with normal club activities.

ARTICLE V: Operation

  • Members are encouraged to participate in Vintage Motors USA car club sponsored functions and all meetings.
  • The Chairpersons Group shall fix the amount of the annual dues, currently these are $10 per member. Renewals are to be paid by January 30th of each year of membership.
  • Meetings will regularly be held monthly at a time and place set by the Chairpersons Group.


Meetings will be maintained in an orderly manner.

ARTICLE VII: Committees

Committees may be formed for special events and activities as needed during the functioning of the Vintage Motors USA car club.