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Welcome to the Home Page of Vintage Motors USA,  a car club started in the state of Michigan in 2012. To see what we accomplished in the past five years, click on the year that you are interested in: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The members of this club really enjoy cars & trucks made in the USA! These include antique, fully restored vehicles as well as modified/hot rods; custom vehicles; and "special interest" vehicles!

Our home page is intended to provide an ongoing chronicle of news, events, and other items of interest to members. In fact we encourage members and others to send items of potential interest to our WebMaster.


Events for 2018 Planned!

On January 13 VMUSA Core Group members met and planned an exciting array of club events for 2018. These included a everything from a trip to the Detroit Historical Museum in February to a trip to the Gilmore Museum to the Hines Park Cruise in August! The detailed (preliminary) schedule can be found here. If there are other events that you’d like to see, please do let us know.



Core Group Members at work planning!

How to NEVER Be Involved in a Traffic Crash!

In this video Leonard Evans explains how to avoid having traffic accidents. Leonard is the world’s leading traffic-safety scientist and was a colleague of Steve Rohde at GM Research Labs for many years. For more information about Leonard’s research on traffic science please click here.

There Really Is A Free Lunch!

by Bill Krueger


Well, a magazine actually.

I get a lot of magazines – mostly through subscription. Yes, as in I pay money.

Sometime last year, I received – snail mail or email, I really don’t remember – a solicitation for a free magazine. Yeah, sure. This magazine, REINCARNATION, is truly amazing! Of all my print magazines, it is my “Go To” magazine when I fetch the mail. Better still, it is web-based with periodic email updates! Yes, all free! I like free.

The magazine has a history. About 15 years ago, a predecessor, Kit Car Builder, was founded by Jim Youngs, a good friend of REINCARNATION’s editor, Steve Temple. Upon Jim’s retirement, Steve acquired the publication and, as expected, made some changes. Steve’s new publication morphed into Car Builder, to more-accurately represent the preference of most folks who wanted a completed “kit car”. Fast forward, a trade magazine publisher approached Steve about selling the magazine. Thus, the birth of REINCARNATION. This magazine is web-based with a print copy.

I encourage you to take a look at the magazine - find it at, Once you take a look at it, there you will find a place to request your print copy.

There’s more. The focus of this magazine is “continuation, replica, and low volume automobiles”. Take a look!

Part of REINCARNATION's homepage.


Ho! Ho! Ho! 2017!!


2017 was another wonderful year for VMUSA and what better way to end the year than to have a fun Christmas Dinner with VMUSA friends!



Club members & guests enjoy the party!

We gathered at Subu’s Leather Bottle on Saturday, December 16, 2017, to share laughter and holiday wishes with 50 VMUSA guests. It was Christmas party time and Subu’s was dressed with holiday flair. We welcomed our guests with candy bags and lucky raffle tickets.

While the Showcasemen were warming up for their tunes, Joan Johnson provided the crowd with a Christmas quiz of “Opposite Christmas Carol” titles. Some people caught on quickly while others just gave up. No one knew, but the game didn’t matter. The game sheets with our guests names were tossed into a bag, and three people were drawn at random to win lottery tickets. The television news didn’t carry anything about new millionaires in our area, so it’s safe to say no one hit the big one!


Brian explains the Christmas carol (fake) quiz(L) and Roxie(R) facillitates the raffle ticket drawings!

As laughter and smiles filled the room, dinner was served family style and everyone enjoyed, salad, beef brisket, chicken piccata, penne pasta, red skin potatoes, green beans almondine, and bread. Everyone ate until they were full, but they somehow they found room for cake for desert!

Brian Saylor was our evening’s emcee and did a wonderful job. With his direction, the raffle tickets were drawn and the prizes distributed. Members won gift cards, cozy throws, and club hats. At each place setting, sat Frosty’s Top Hat filled with popcorn. They didn’t know six of them were slightly different and those six won the poinsettias!


Ed & Michelle look happy, & four car guys seem to be having a serious discussion!


Every year, Jim Goff and Larry Miller, present the Dick Monroe memorial award to the member who did the most for the club during the year. This year’s recipient was Van Nazarian! Van is a founding Core Group member and rarely misses a club event. A busy man, he has helped to arrange club outings, raffled his photography skills as a fund raiser for the club, and secured Subu’s for our party. Now, for the first time, Van has created a VMUSA club calendar! Contact Van at for yours. Thanks Van, for being such a great addition to our club!


Van Nazarian receiving the Dick Monroe memorial award! (R) Van's new VMUSA calendar looks super! (L)

Many thanks to all the elves who helped — Cheryl Sauer, Mike Fontana, and Gene and Joan Johnson for the Christmas Carol game, Frosty’s Top Hats, the candy bags, the poinsettias, Frosty’s Top Hats, the set up, and the clean up! Thank you to Van Nazarian for securing Subu’s, and thank you to Brian Saylor for running the show. Many thanks to Steve Rohde for the 2017 video —and many apologies for our audio visual breakdown. For those of you that were not able to view the video at the party, Steve's video is below. It’s definitely a must see! Also there are more photos of the Christmas party and a video of it here.

Best Wishes to everyone for a wonderful, safe holiday season — and remember, Peace, Love, and Happiness to all!

2017 VMUSA Event Video Posted!

Captain Video (aka Steve Rohde) has created a video containing highlights of our club's 2017 activities! Enjoy!