Vintage Motors News: 2012

This page contains the Home Page of Vintage Motors USA during its first year of existence in 2012! It provides a chronological summary of what we did in 2012. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Home Page of Vintage Motors USA,  a newly formed car club in the state of Michigan.

The members of this club really enjoy cars & trucks made in the USA! These include antique, fully restored vehicles as well as modified/hot rods; custom vehicles; and "special interest" vehicles!

Core Group Meets & Plans an Exciting 2013!

T’ was a Week Before Christmas, when All Through Our Hous the Core Group of VMUSA gathered to discuss where we’ve been in 2012 and where we’re headed for 2013!

It’s hard to believe, it was only a year ago that a handful of friends who wanted to have fun, formed Vintage Motors USA. With only a basic set of by-laws, no politics, and no baloney, VMUSA is proof that all you need to have a good time is a good group of people. Based on the basic principles of friendship and teamwork, the inaugural year of VMUSA is one to remember.

The Core group met at Mike and Roxanne's house on December 18. Not shown is Roxanne who wrote this article.

With 20-minute or less monthly meetings held at each of our activities, no fund raisers, and no nonsense, we’ve had a great year. Since our only requirement for a club car is that it is American Made and over 25 years old, we’ve been able to tour private collections, artist’s exhibits, attend the Wilson Barn, enjoy a bring-a-dish-to-pass picnic at the Hines Park Cruise, lead an amazing Color Tour and lots of other events. We all have fun, and everyone shares the work load. Just proof that we have the best group of car enthusiasts in town!

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2012 such a great year, and if you had fun in 2012, look at what is in the works for 2013!

VMUSA Ypsi Tour Video Posted

Click here to view it!


Bob and Lorraine’s Ice Cream Car

Club member Bob Haas purchased this four-door Ford sedan back in 2003.   “I really did not want to buy it, but the seller begged me to get it out of his garage. I only paid $300 for the car and it came with two extra front fenders that I later sold for $700,” Bob commented.
When Bob brought the car home, he spent a couple of hours trying to get it started, but gave up. So the car stayed in his shed until the fall of 2011. “I thought I’d part it out, but, after looking at all the oil change stickers, realized that it only had 35,000 miles on it,” Bob explained.

Now this looks like a real fun car!

At this time Bob was looking at cars on eBay and saw a “barbeque car.” But it was not practical because the barbeque was under the hood and it could not be driven.
Based upon that vehicle, however, Bob decided to make a drivable ice cream car. He started work on the car in April of 2012 with the goal of having it completed for the Crown Victoria Convention in Ohio at the end of July.
Bob got the car to run after cleaning the carburetor and gas tank, and installing a new gas line. He also replaced the brake lines and converted it to 12 volt.
Bob’s brother visited from Arizona that May and helped him cut the roof off. Bob then welded up the back doors and installed a flat black and white floor. He painted the car during a very hot Michigan summer! The door panels are red and white squares.
Next Bob installed an antique table with booth-type seats. Near the dash he has antique syrup dispensers that he purchased on eBay! He also replaced damaged trim parts and installed a set of whitewalls. It was completed for the convention!
“We have a lot of fun with this car, taking it to car shows and cruise nights. Sometimes we serve ice cream from it,” Bob concluded.

Club Member Receives Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award Certificate

Steve Rohde, former Editor of The Rotunda Times (newsletter of the Ford and Mercury Restorers Club of America), recently recieved a 2011 Golden Quill Award Certificate for the 5th year in a row. For more information about the award click here.

YPSI Tour Lots of Fun!

The December outing for VMUSA took the club to a garage in Ypsilanti, MI on Saturday, December 1, 2012. Members from several car clubs were there including Harvey Snitzer, the President of the Lake Erie Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club.   We’re happy to say, Ed Goff made it in spite of the deer he got with his Taurus on the way to Ypsilanti. Ed is fine but let’s hope the deer wasn’t one of Santa’s. As we munched on the coffee and bagels, about 40 members and guests of the VMUSA club wandered through a maze of street rods, customs, originals and a few projects that needed a “bit of work.”



L to R: A quick club meeting at the garage; touring the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum; little damage on a hardy Taurus!

The American Made vehicles were sharp sitting next to their cousins from other countries: Porsches, Jaguars, and MG’s shared space with Thunderbirds, Corvettes, a 1937 Ford Custom Street Rod, a 1940 Ford pickup in mint condition and more. There was a little something for everyone, and the VMUSA crowd enjoyed them all.
McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance was an invited speaker who shared some of his secrets from the world of antique auto insurance.

The group then shared lunch at Side Tracks (Frenchy’s Side), and crossed the street to the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum where Jack Miller made us welcome. Hank and Janet Dawson were immediately drawn to the Chevy II. This was Janet's car while she waited for her sweetheart, Hank, to return from Korea. Further into the collection, sat the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet" of racing fame. Hard to believe something so big and with such a strange looking air filter could be a race car!  We kept going and found a Terraplane, Kaiser-Fraser, Tucker, Corvair, a Henry J and more. It is an interesting collection of automotive history and a great outing to end a great year for a great new club! For more photos and a video, please click here.

Stay tuned – 2013 promises to be just as good!  

It's not the Ritz!

Roy Stull recently sent Brian Saylor this postcard from the WigWam Village #2 in Cave City, KY. It's the second time Roy has been there in 60 years!

Winter is Coming!

Brian Saylor looks a bit sad as he puts away his beautiful 1965 Econoline for the winter. His project will be completed in the spring! A similar Econoline was recently on the cover of Cruis'News!

2012 Automotive Authors Book Fair Held at the Automotive Hall of Fame

The seventh annual Auto Authors Book Fair was held at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan on November 16 & 17, 2012.
The event, previously at the Detroit Public Library, featured more than two dozen authors meeting the public and autographing their books. Our own Gene Dickirson was one of the featured authors! Gene has recently authored an excellent new book entitled "Automotive Climate Control 116 Years Of Progress." In addition, John Clor and Joe Cabadas, who many of our members know, were there too. Click here to see a video of the event.


Sirens of Chrome

Steve Rohde looks very happy as he stands with two models at the book fair. The models were wearing vintage auto show dresses promoting the book "Sirens of Chrome" by Margery Krevsky.

Another VMUSA Member Nominated for FMRCOA Car Club Director Position

At a Ford & Mercury Restorers Club of America (FMRCOA) meeting on November 7, Cole Grandy was nominated for a Director position on their Board. Cole, who is a founding member of VMUSA, brings with him a wealth of old car hobby knowledge and experience. We wholeheartedly endorse him; Hank Dawson, another founding member of VMUSA who was nominated for Vice President; and Dale LeVassseur, who is not a member of VMUSA, for President of that club! These individuals have demonstated leadership qualifications that will be very beneficial to the FMRCOA! (See below for more information.)


FMRCOA Board Candidates: (left to right) Hank Dawson, Dale LeVassseur, & Cole Grandy

Mark Your Calendars

On December 1 we will be visiting several automotive places in Ypsilanti. Click here for details!

Heater Core Health

Brian Robson has provided a very interesting article regarding heater core health and how it may affect you!

Washtenaw Community College Holds Car & Motorcycle Show

On October 7 WCC held its annual Cars & Bikes on Campus show. Despite threatening weather several hundred cars & motorcycles showed up for this annual event that is free to the public. VMUSA club members were there including Brian and Matt Saylor, and Steve Rohde. To see a video of the show click here.


Matt & Bryan's vehicles are shown on the left, and Steve's '42 Chevy on the right.


Club Members Get 1901 Olds Running!

On October 11 club members Phil Lyon, Gene Johnson, Mike Fontana, Ed Danes, and Mike McLennan helped get Steve Rohde's 1901 Olds Replicar (75%) running! This is really what a car club is about! Thanks guys! Click here to see the Olds run!


1901 Olds

Photo & video taken by Mike McLennan (not shown).

Color Tour Spectacular!

Saturday, October 6, 2012, was a crisp, overcast day when members and friends of Vintage Motors USA and their guests, the Spark Plugs, gathered together for the 2012 Vintage Motors USA Color Tour. Everyone in the color tour was given a raffle ticket for our "special" raffle, and Bob and Lorraine Haas coordinated the poker run. After cider and donuts and a short (20 minute!) club meeting, we pulled out for another adventure. Led by Brian Saylor’s hard-to-miss Texaco truck, we had about 40 cars and 100 people cruising through the countryside.  As we wandered through the county backroads, brilliant reds, yellows and oranges competed with the paint on the cars. We were quite a sight as people stopped to watch as we paraded past their homes. Fifty-eight miles and 5 stops later, we pulled into Zukey Lake Tavern for lunch. The raffle was "special" as each of the stops along our route donated a specific prize relative to their business. Many thanks to the various merchants and to Bob and Lorraine Haas for the poker run. The poker hands were decided, the raffle was drawn and another fun event was in the books. It’s been a great year for a new club and we’re looking forward to many more good times with good friends! For more photos and a video click here.

Dale  Hank

The colors were magnificent on the tour and we even were greeted by one of the devil's helpers as we pulled into Hell, MI!


Vintage Motors Members Support Candidates in Ford & Mercury Club Election

Several Vintage Motors USA club members attended the monthly meeting of the Ford & Mercury Restorers Club of America (FMRCOA) on October 3 in Livonia. At that meeting nominations were held for FMRCOA’s 2013 officers. We are glad to report that Dale LeVassseur was nominated for President, and Hank Dawson for Vice President. Both of these individuals bring with them a great deal of leadership and automotive experience, and integrity.

Dale  Hank

Dale LeVassseur                                                                                  Hank Dawson

Dale was FMRCOA’s 2012 Treasurer and is the owner of D&D Restorations in Milford, MI. He has many years of administrative experience including project and personnel management. He is a friendly, honest person that works well with others!

Hank is one of the founding members of Vintage Motors. He has also been a very staunch supporter of the FMRCOA as well as a number of other local and national car clubs where he has held positions as President, Vice president, Secretary, Director, etc.. Hank believes that “a car club should also provide activities for family, and for the sharing of stories and social enjoyment. A club should always be fun and not cynical or political.”

Many VMUSA club members support these candidates and look forward to their election, and to a revived FMRCOA!

Members Participate in 2012 Ypsilanti Orphan Car Show

On September 23 several VMUSA club members participated in the sixteenth annual Orphan Car show in Riverside Park. Over 270 cars were at the event! For more pictures & video click here.



Left: Ed Meurer Jr. polishes his beautiful Hudson Commodore.  Right: Mark Kirby & Van Nazarian stand in front of Steve Rohde's 1951 Studebaker  Champion. 


Left: Brian Robson and Ed Meurer relax behind the Hudson. Right: Steve in front of his Studebaker.

Old Car Festival Photos Posted

It's not every car club that has a wonderful photographer in it. We are fortunate to have Van Nazarian in our club! Van just posted his photos from the 2012 Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village that was held on September 8-9. Thanks Van!

Crosspoint Meadows Car Show a Blast!

September 16 was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze that made you wish for an endless summer. Bob and Lorraine Haas had their ice cream car open for business with free ice cream. Brian Saylor had his Texaco station set up. He had a lot of "lookers," but I don't think there were many cash customers! Larry and Maxie Jo Haas decided it was time to bring their 1957 Ford Thunderbird out of Belleville for the first time, and we brought the Met for her first show. The Met was a trailer queen, but only because she's not quite done. Roy Stahl was happy to win one of the cash prizes, but had to have a little help to get her started after she stalled. We were all treated to a lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips soft drinks and homemade baked goods. Lots of fun -- good friends and good times! For more photos click here. -- Roxanne Fontana



Left: Roxanne's trailer queen! Right: Bob Haas & his supersized Ford!


Color Tour & Poker Run Scheduled

On October 6 Vintage Motors USA will have an exciting and beautiful color tour and poker run that will last approximately 4 hours!

Hines Park Cruise was Great!

Over 100 Vintage Motors club members and guests attended the second annual Hines Park cruise on August 26. Vintage Motors had a great spot on the drive. We had a picnic and much comradery! A moment of silence was observed for our dear recently deceased club member, Dick Monroe (see below). For more photos and video go here.


Hines Park was a super event!

2012 Woodward Dream Cruise

Saturday, August 18 was a perfect day and that was reflected in the attendance at the 2012 Woodward Dream Cruise! Vintage Motors club members were distributed in a number of locations on Woodward. A really neat view of the cruise is here. Photos by Van Nazarian are here and a video will be posted soon.

Texaco  51 Studebaker

Left: Brian, your friendly Texaco service attendant, with his '37 truck. Right: Steve & his family & '51 Studebaker.

Motor City Golf Classic Car Show

On August 13 club member Steve Rohde was again invited to bring his 1926 Model T parade car to this event at the Barton Hill Country Club in Ann Arbor. There were some very neat cars there including the only existing 1911 Ann Arbor (they only made 7 of these!). The event was a fundraiser for the UM Department of Neurosurgery.



Video of Motor City Golf Classic Car Show by Steve Rohde

GM Employee Car Show Video Now Available

On July 25 GM & UAW Local 160 sponsored a car show for employees and retirees at their Technical Center in Warren, MI. Over 1000 cars were there (please see below too).



Video of 2012 GM Tech Center Employee Car Show by Steve Rohde


Dick Monroe, a Founding Club Member, Passes Away

On August 4, Dick Monroe passed away in his sleep after a short illness. He is remembered fondly by his friends. Dick was a wonderful person who always helped people and supported the old car hobby. A memorial service is being planned.


Dick Monroe

Dick Monroe always prepared food for club members at his "Road-Kill Cafe."


Watch the Club Calendar

Many new events are being planned by our leadership team!

New Member Profile Pages Added to Website

Based on input from a number of members, we've decided to add member profile pages to our website. In this manner we can all get to know each other better. Our first profile is of Dave Harrington. Dave and I worked together for many years at GM and I didn't know that he was a fellow gearhead! If you are interested in sharing information about yourself, please let us know!

Dave proudly displays his built Buick 455!

Phil Turns Eighty

Club member Phil Lyon turned eighty recently. He was given a surprise party by his daughters on July 22. To see Phil growing up (I'm not sure he did though!) click here. Happy birthday Phil!

Phil's family & friends celebrate with him on July 22 at his home!

Pinstriping by EZ-VZ by Brian Saylor

Brian Saylor recently had his Econoline (what else?) pinstriped by a very talented artist named EZ-VZ. EZ did a wonderful job! Read Brian tell us about his experience.

Note the beautiful pinstriping and painted images on Brian's Econoline!

Club Members Participate in GM Tech Center Employee Car Show

GM held its annual car show at their Technical Center in Warren on July 25. Over 1000 cars owned by GM employees and retirees were on display! It was a real Vintage Motors Car Club type show as virtually every well known American mark was represented.


Cars in front of GM's Vehicle Engineering Center, Steve & his '42 Chevy, and everything from Model T's to new Corvettes were there!

Club Tours Outstanding Tractor Collection

On July 15 over 50 Vintage Motors club members and friends toured an outstanding collection of vintage tractors in Michigan. This was a fun event for all!

Left 2 photos: Club Members learn about tractor collection. Right photo: Enough tractors to do a field? Photos courtesy of Van Nazarian.

Club Members Participate in Ann Arbor Rolling Sculptures Car Show

On Friday, July 13, the streets of Ann Arbor were closed for the 19th Rolling Sculptures Car Show. There were cars of every type there: fully restored classics, hot rods, old and new electric vehicles, and even completely home made roadsters!


Dick & Ed and Jim & Larry on Main Street in Ann Arbor!




The show ran from about noon until 9:30 PM. Thousands of spectators lined the streets to see the 500+ cars and trucks! Several Vintage Motors Car Club members brought their cars and others were spectators! Above we see some of the cars and members that your editor captued. Please view the video!

Model T Views Ann Arbor July 4 Parade

See the Ann Arbor July 4 Parade through the "eyes" of a 1926 Model T in the parade!

Model T

Club Photographer Captures "The Great Race"

The 2012 Great Race was around the Great Lakes and covered 19 cities, 2 countries and 4 states. It started in Traverse City, MI and ended in Dearborn, MI. Van Nazarian captured the start of the race, and the finish of the race in some wonderful photographs! Thanks Van!

The Great Nighttime Tractor Drag Race

See club member Brian S. in his 1993 Ford 3930 take on a challenger in his 1947 Farmall M. But who won?

The starting line for this great race!

How to Fix a Tired Hood Pad

Check our Technical Info page for this new tip by Brian Robson! More tips are needed. Please send them to our webmaster.

Stonegate Farms Tour Set fof July 15

On July 15 at 10:30am VMUSA will be visiting Stonegate Farms at 2681 Hadley Rd. in Lapeer, MI.This is an amazing collection of tractors, cars, antiques, etc.. Please plan to attend if you can!


Tractors, signs, etc... are there!

Calendar Added to WEBSITE

By popular demand, we have added a calendar of upcoming events to our website! Many thanks to our planning committee for putting this together!

Mark Kirby Explains His Aluminum Flathead to VMUSA Club Members

On May 19, during our Shadow Rods visit in Saginaw, MI; Mark Kirby educated club members about his aluminum flathead engine. It was a very informative session! View a video of this event here.

Mark Kirby with his engine.

Club Visits Ron Finch's Studio

On June 30, club members toured the studio and grounds of renowned motorcycle artist Ron Finch in Pontiac, MI. Ron's work is absolutely amazing! To enjoy photos and a video of our tour, click here!

Ron Finch discusses his creations with club members!

Motor Muster

Club members participated in and visited the annual Motor Muster car show at Greenfield Village on June 16-17.

motor muster

As usual, it was a fun event! To see a video of the event including interviews with club members there, click here.

Club Scores at the Barn Show

On June 10, 2012 about 21 Vintage Motors USA club members' cars were at the 25th anniversary Wilson Barn Show in Livonia, Michigan. This show is sponsored by the Road Knights. Refreshments were served including chili! Our club was situated on a hill that had been occupied by another local club for years.

Five of our cars took awards. Good going guys!

Left: Club cars outside of McDonalds for breakfast. Right: View of Barn from our location.

For more photos of the event taken by Van Nazarian please go here.

Club Tours Shadow Rods

On May 19, 2012 Vintage Motors USA club members and guests toured Shadow Rods, LLC in Saginaw Michigan. We were graciously hosted by Paul Behling, Jon Hall, and Mark Kirby. Shadow Rods builds XL 27 all new steel roadster bodies. These bodies are longer, taller/wider than the original, formed from 19 gauge galvanized steel, and built specifically to fit a '32 frame. They also manufacture '32 frames. During our visit we had a short club meeting. Then Paul described Shadow Rods products & manufacturing processes.


Paul Behling describes details of the roadster body.

Next, Mark Kirby brought us up to speed on his aluminum flathead. Stay tuned for a video about this!


Yes, a fleet of '32 roadsters!

A tour of Jon Hall's remarkable car collection capped off the tour! More photos can be found here and a video of the tour here.


Car Club Network Player Added to Our Video Page

The Car Club Network (CCN), a customized video player was added to our website. The player provides a variety of channels designed for automotive enthusiasts, all of which are updated daily. Channels include a Hagerty TV channel, multiple OEM-branded channels, and the GRAND-AM racing channel. That player is now on our video page.

We also have a custom channel that we will use to inform members, promote upcoming events and contain our feature videos from previous events, outings or meetings. So stay tuned!

The Bearing Burners Car Show & Swap Meet was Huge!

The Bearing Burners held their annual car show and swap meet at the GM Tech Center in Warren on May 6. There were hundreds of vendors there, and what looked like thousands of people.

VMUSA Club Members Hank Dawson & Bob Haas had a spot at the swap meet.

Visit to Ed Meurer's Collection a Blast!

On April 21 about 80 VMUSA club members and friends visited club member Ed Meurer's fantastic vehicle collection in Livonia, Michigan. After a short club business meeting (~20 minutes vs. 2 hours!), we toured his beautiful cars. Pizza was then served. We thank Van Nazarian for the wonderful photos and Steve Rohde for the video!


Nothing like a short business meeting!


Featured Engineer

Club member Steve Rohde was recently "Featured Engineer" by EEWeb. Read the interview here.

Steve Rohde

Steve stands in front of a Kawasaki Mule that his team converted to R/C operation.

New Advertiser

Hank Dawson's son, Derek, owns a vinyl decal business in Belleville. Please visit him!

Stuck in 1957!

In 1957 3 B-52's set the record for around-the-world flight, 45 hr 19 min; the US army sold its last homing pigeons; NYC ended trolley car service; Jack Paar's Tonight show premiered; the USSR launched Sputnik I; and "American Bandstand" premiered. Club member Larry Miller got stuck in this year as demonstrated by his beautiful car collection!

Larry stands next to his superb1957 Pontiac!

Other Clubs' Activities

Vintage Motors is a very eclectic car club. Most of our members belong to other clubs as well. Periodically, at their request, we will post some information/upcoming events about those other clubs that may be of interest to VMUSA members.

The Michigan Chapter of the NCRS held its charity swap meet on April 15 For more information including a video done by Steve Rohde click here. Both Steve and Van Nazarian are involved with that club.

Vintage Motors members will be attending the 25th anniversary Barn Show in Livonia sponsored by the Road Knights Auto Club on June 10. This is always a super show!

This is always a great show!

Chair Group Meets

The VMUSA Chair Group met on March 28. We are pleased to report that we now have over 50 paid members in the club! Gerry Matson reviewed the planned 2012 Club Activities. We have a GREAT lineup of events planned so stay tuned!



VMUSA Chair Group met at Ruby Tuesday.


Brian Saylor revealed our new club banner at the meeting designed by Van Nazarian and printed on vinyl by Jordano Graphics of Royal Oak, our new advertiser!



VMUSA members proudly display new banner designed by Van Nazarian on left.


First Club Tour a Great Success!

On Saturday morning, March 17 over 50 VMUSA Car Club members and friends visited Stahls Automotive Museum in Chesterfield Michigan. We had a short club meeting there and then viewed the cars.This museum, in its new location, is absolutely wonderful! For more photos of this event and a video, please see our events page.


Stahl Tucker

Note the 1948 Tucker that is part of the Stahl collection!


On Saturday afternoon a number of our members continued the "tour" and visited DST Industries in Romulus, MI. DST Industries is a full-service, Tier 1 automotive supplier that offers an entire portfolio of services to suit large OEMs, individual auto enthusiasts, the photo and film production industries, and more. Relatively recently DST has gotten into the classic car restoration and vehicle customization business. From what we saw they do beautiful work on the restorations! At least three other car clubs were at DST that afternoon!


DST Industries

Steve Rohde stands in front of an early Mustang being restored at DST.


New Club Banner Created

Our own "Leonardo," Van Nazarian, has created a beautiful banner for our club! The banner shows the breadth of cars VMUSA encompasses and will be used at club events and on club documents, etc.. Thanks Van!

                                                VMUSA Banner


VMUSA Members Attend Detroit Autorama on February 24-26

Several club members had their vehicles at the Detroit Autorama recently and many more attended the three day event.


                                                 Indian Chief Motorcycle

                                                        Here we see a smiling Cole with his 1947 Indian Chief Motorcycle

A video of Cole describing his bikes including a 1963 Vespa is on YouTube.


February Club Meeting Well Attended

Over 50 members/potential members attended our February 15 club meeting in South Lyon. Brian Saylor chaired the meeting and made a short presentation about the club for new attendees.

Mike Fontana then discussed the club's upcoming tours and other events. Very exciting so stay tuned!

Gary Fagin, who owns South Lyon Collision and Bullet Distributors, also in South Lyon, made a very interesting presentation about new and old paints and Bullet's products and services. Highlights from this presentation will be posted soon!

Brian then gave out certificates of recognition to Cole Grandy and Gary Fagin for their January and February presentations, respectively.

A video of highlights of this meeting is on YouTube.

                                  February 2012 Meeting Photos


New Sources Page Added to Website

Have you had a good experience with a parts or services provider that you'd like to tell your friends about? If so, you can display it on our new "Sources" webpage. Send the information to our webmaster and we'll get it up!



                   VMUSA Member Receives Prestigious Car Club Award

Mike Fontana, a founding member of our club, recently received the Ford and Mercury Restorers Club of America’s (FMRCOA) Generator Award. This is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the FMRCOA and was presented at their annual dinner dance on January 21.


“Mike did an outstanding job of organizing many club events, supporting our car show, and providing club merchandise for members,” commented Art Cervi, who was President of the FMRCOA at that time and is now a member of VMUSA. Standing next to Mike is his lovely wife and VMUSA member Roxanne, who received the Generator Award last year. As the Generator Award is a travelling award, Roxanne is holding the plaque that she also received.


First Club Meeting Held


On January 18 about 50 members/prospective members of the Vintage Motors USA Car Club met in South Lyon, MI. Hank Dawson welcomed the group. Brian Saylor then made a presentation about the mission and organization of the club. This included the committee structure that will involve the entire membership. Mike Fontana, representing the Activities Committee, described a really exciting group of potential club activities!

Discussion of a car show/swap meet was led by Van Nazarian. The club decided to hold one in July
in conjunction with Mark Kirby's flathead show in Petersburg, MI. Stay tuned for more info!
To give you an idea of the show field (Braden's Beach)
here are photos from Mark Kirby's 2010 event...

Steve Rohde then demonstrated this website to the group.

We decided to have a technical presentation/seminars at club meetings . Cole Grandy provided the "pilot" for this with a presentation about 1925-35 wheels.