Vintage Motors News: 2013

This page contains the Home Page of Vintage Motors USA during 2013! It provides a chronological summary of what we did in 2013. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 2013 Home Page of Vintage Motors USA,  a car club in the state of Michigan.

The members of this club really enjoy cars & trucks made in the USA! These include antique, fully restored vehicles as well as modified/hot rods; custom vehicles; and "special interest" vehicles!

Our home page is intended to provide an ongoing chronicle of news, events, and other items of interest to members. In fact we encourage members and others to send items of potential interest to our WebMaster.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All

I just couldn't resist not posting this gorgeous card created by our own Van Nazarian who has been providing us with great photographs all year long! Thanks Van!   



Larry Miller also provided us with more Christmas party photos that can be found here. Thanks Larry!

Ho, Ho, Ho: What a GREAT Christmas Party!

On December 7, 2013 Santa Claus attended a party for Vintage Motors USA Club Members. About 60 club members joined Santa in South Lyon, Michigan.

The food and camaraderie were excellent and we all had a lot of fun! A short meeting was held at which the Core Group and general membership were acknowledged for their efforts in making 2013 a splendid year full of fun activities! Hank stated that 2014 would even be better!



Left: Harvey & Julie Snitzer tell Santa that they were good in 2013! Right: Mike & Sue McLennan have a similar talk with Santa!


Phil Lyon entertained us reading an amusing story from the book "The Grease Pit Poet." He also “recited” a rap song that was considerably slowed down!

Steve Rohde (a.k.a. Captain Video) was awarded the Dick Monroe Memorial Award (outstanding club member) for 2013 by Jim and Ed Goff and Larry Miller. Steve indicated that he was honored to receive this award particularly since he and Dick were good friends.



Left: Phil reads from the "Grease Pit Poet" book. Right: John & Don discuss tractor parts!


Steve Rohde Receives the 2013 Dick Monroe Memorial Award

We thank Phyllis, Cheryl, Mike and Roxanne, and Brian for organizing this super event! For more photos and a video of the event click here.

"Wet" Color Tour Much Fun

Despite virtually unrelenting rain, on October 19 about 50 VMUSA club members and friends went on a color tour starting in Plymouth, MI and ending in Jackson, MI. We toured the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company where a number of us bought gifts for the grandkids, and then had lunch at Thompson's Pizzeria in Chelsea.

After lunch we gassed up and traveled to Spring Arbor where we toured the "Ye Ole Carriage Shop" -- an amazing museum documenting the automotive (and other) history of Jackson, MI. The final stop was at one of Michigan's best ice cream places -- The Parlour of Jackson where club members had some great treats!

We thank Ed & Jim Goff, Gene Johnson, Mike & Roxanne Fontana, Larry Miller, and Bob Haas for setting this trip up! For more photos and a video click here.



Left: Mike Fontana has a coffee in the rain at the start of the tour. Right: Bob Haas organized the Poker Run and games during lunch.


Jack Miller Orphan Car Show Videos Now Posted

Ford Turns 150 -- A Henry Ford History

Alex is the President of his high school's club called "Teen Car Talk". Their Club's goal is to spread resources that they think are informative and fun to read. They are trying to make connections with other car lovers as well and have used the Vintage Motors USA website as a resource. They found a page about the history of Henry Ford that they think we would enjoy. Thanks Alex!


Alex also sent us a great article on the history of the Corvette!

Roxanne Fontana Wins Top Nash Award at Orphan Car Show

Core VMUSA club member Roxanne Fontana won top honors for her newly restored 1960 Nash Metropolitan at the 2013 Jack Miller Orphan Car Show on September 22! The Metro, which she restored with a little help from her friends (including Mike), competed against professionally restored Nash vehicles of all sizes and ages. This is the third show that Roxie has taken the Metro to -- and she has won awards at all three shows! For some early photos of the restoration click here. To see her win at the show click here. Good going Roxie!


Left: Roxanne drives to the "pass in review" station.  Right: Roxanne holds her trophy while Mike holds his!

There were almost 300 vehicles at the show that was renamed the Jack Miller Orphan Car Show to honor show co-founder Jack Miller. September 22, 2013 was declared by the Mayor of Ypsilanti Jack Miller Day!


Left: Signage showing the new Orphan Car Show name.  Right: Jack Miller being honored.


A number of other club members also displayed their cars at the show. These included Dick Anderson with his 1951 Kaiser, Greg Petrovich with his 1959 BMW Isetta, Ed Meurer with his Studebaker Hawk, and Harvey Snitzer and Steve Rohde with their 1950 and 1951 Studebakers, respectively. For more photos and videos click here.



Left: Dick Anderson with his 1951 Kaiser.  Right: Greg Petrovich pulls into the show with his Isetta. Think his truck can tow it?



Left: Ed Meurer III and his daughter on their way to the "pass in review" station.  Right: Van Nazarian taking great show photos!



Left: Harvey's beautifully restored 1950 Studebaker.  Right: Steve's original 1951 Studebaker is well guarded!


Cruisers Show Up for Crosspointe Car Show

On Sunday, September 15 about 40 cars and 200 people showed up for the Crosspointe Car Show organized by club member Phil Lyon. Although it sprinkled intermittently a bit, all participants enjoyed the show and the food graciously provided by the Crosspointe Meadows Church in Novi where the event was held.



Left: Bob's raffle prize!   Right: Phyllis explains her new car project!

For more photos and a video of the event, click here.


Bob Haas Featured on ABC News Program

At the Back to the Bricks Cruise Weekend in Flint on August 13-17 Bob Haas was interviewed by ABC 12. In this video Bob, with two blondes in the back seat, discusses his ice cream car!

In the video below Bob & Lorraine discuss their unique 1955 Ford Ranchero, their ice cream car and their life together over the past 50+ years!


Hines Park Cruise an Outstanding Event

On August 25 Members and friends of VMUSA attended the annual Hines Park Cruise sponsored by Don Nicholson. This was the third year of the cruise and the second year that VMUSA participated. Our club was well represented with over 100 cars and over 200 people attending! These contributed to the 60,000 cars that filled Hines Drive!

We had a great location again at Nolar Bend. Members could pull into and out of our location and cruise! A delicious lunch was served at noon. Later we had a fifty-fifty drawing and a raffle for door prizes.

Members were extremely pleased with the event! Many thanks go to Mike & Roxanne Fontana and the other club members that helped them organize it!

Left: Club members wait to get into Hines Park.  Right: The fabulous lunch buffet!


Left: Phil & Phyllis pull out to cruise.  Right: Jim in his beautiful Ford!

For more photos of the cruise and a video click here.

Club Members Participate in the Woodward Dream Cruise

Club member Don Olson appeared on the front page of the Oakland Press and the Macomb Daily on August 16. Apparently he was so excited about the Woodward Dream Cruise that he started cruising days before!


Don drives his beautiful 1956 Ford down Woodward with a neighbor riding shotgun. Is Sandy sleeping in the back seat?

At the cruise on Saturday club members Steve Rohde & Harvey Snitzer spent time with the Studebakers and the Corvettes too.


Video of Studebakers at the Woodward Dream Cruise

Club Member Brian Saylor Has a Classic Truck Problem!

Chair Group Club Member Brian Saylor was interviewed by reporters from the who discovered Brian's problem (or rather passion!) for collecting and restoring Texaco trucks and other Texaco memorabilla including uniforms and gas pumps!


Brian stands in front of his "problems"!

To read more about our "man who wears the star" click here!

Gilmore Museum Trip was a Blast!

First, there was only me sitting at a table in the middle of the Meijer’s parking lot -- all alone -- no cars nearby -- feeling a little lonely (and a little weird!). Then the people slowly began to arrive. By the time they were all there, we had fifty-five members, family, and guests to have coffee, juice and donuts. There were smiles and laughter as we all boarded the bus and headed for the Red Barn Spectacular at The Gilmore Museum. Once we had our 10-minute club meeting, we loaded the movie “Deuce of Spades” for the ride. Phil Lyon met the author, producer and star of this movie at The Grand Nationals in Pamona, California, and was kind enough to share. Loaded with lots of hot rods, teenagers, drag racing and a side order of “love story,” it made the trip fly by. With just a few minutes to go in the film, we pulled into the parking lot. Do Johnny and Betty finally get together? Little did our bus riders know, we planned it this way! It was a guarantee they’d get back to the bus on time!


Breakfast in Meijers parking lot in Wixom!

Once there, everyone went their own way and wandered the grounds of Gilmore. Gilmore is ever-evolving into a first-class automotive history museum and is never a disappointment. The newest building for us to explore this year is a Ford “dealership” loaded with Model A’s, T’s and Ford memorabilia. This building set the tone for the rest of the day. Everyone enjoyed the antique campers of the Tin Can Tourists, antique and collectible boats, a car show, antique bicycles, swap meet treasures, and of course, the Gilmore Museum itself. This year, the Gilmore had a special display titled American Legends -- Hot Rods and Customs featuring artist Tom Fritz and Guest Curator Dennis Lesky of Ionia Hot Rod Shop. It was a gorgeous display of hot rods and how they evolved with the focal point of the display sitting right in the middle. There, in all her shiny glory, sat the original “Little Deuce Coupe” of Beach Boys fame with the album cover as proof!


Van & Mike in front of the Model A Museum.

Too soon it was time to leave and, as planned, everyone boarded the bus on time. Joe Newland and Gary Ridell were the last to board and, even though they were on time, they were greeted with a round of good natured ribbing. After all, we had to find out about Johnny and Betty! Timing was great as the movie ended and we pulled into The Old Country Buffet for dinner. With our tummies full and tired feet, the ride home from the restaurant was short and sweet. Lots of smiles ended another successful VMUSA event.


Dinner at the Old Country Buffet tasted good!

But wait! A moment of panic as a club member realized he’d left his keys in the bus. Fortunately, he caught the bus as it was pulling away -- Whew! That was a close one!

For more photos by Roxanne and Van and a video of the event click here.

Hines Cruise Rapidly Approaching

The Hines Park Cruise will be held on August 25. Our club has a great spot there!


To register for this free event .


Art Cairo's Mustang Featured in Detroit Free Press

Club member Art Cairo's unique Mustang was featured in an article in the Detroit Free Press on Monday, August 12 entitled "A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: Unique Mustangs and other Fords Pack Dearborn Auto Show" by Mark Phelan:

"Classic and historic cars drew thousands of spectators to Ford headquarters in Dearborn on Sunday [August 11].
One-of-a-kind vehicles included a prototype Mustang hand-built for Henry Ford II’s personal use ...
Henry Ford II — widely referred to as “Hank the Deuce” at the time — kept the car for a couple of years, current owner Art Cairo of Royal Oak told me. The glossy black coupe has a high-output 289 V-8, four-speed automatic transmission, red pinstripes, red-line tires and a custom leather interior put in just for the boss.

Cairo didn’t know how special the car was when he bought it in 1974. He later learned Ford had given the car to his chauffeur, who passed it on to a friend who sold it to Cairo. “Edsel Ford authenticated the car,” and signed its glovebox, Cairo said. The car was built in February 1964...

Other Mustangs and noteworthy Fords ranging from pickups to GT super cars packed the headquarters building’s north parking lots Sunday.

“We’ve got more than 1,000 cars. That’s our dream quota,” said Mike Rey, show organizer and president of the Mustang Owners Club of Southeast Michigan. "


This black coupe, which was once Henry Ford II’s personal Mustang, sports a high-output 289 V-8, four-speed automatic transmission, red pinstripes, red-line tires and a custom leather interior. MARK PHELAN/DETROIT FREE PRESS

Art's Mustang had previously been featured in the Ford & Mercury Restorers Club newsletter, The Rotunda Times in November, 2010.


Edsel B. Ford presents Art with a signed glovebox door for the Mustang.


Another Fall Color Tour Event to be Organized

Randy Valko who knows members of the Motor City Modified Auto Club (MMAC)  has offered to organize our VMUSA crew for MMAC's fall color tour on October 6. The tour is into the thumb so it's great for the NE siders!  This flyer contains more information. You can also email Randy.

Rolling Sculptures Car Show Fun as Usual

On Friday, July 12 at noon the streets of downtown Ann Arbor closed for the annual Rolling Sculptures Car Show. Everything from ratrods to fully restored Cords were on display! Typically a number of VMUSA members participate.  This year Steve Rohde, the volunteer videographer for the event brought his 1926 Model T pickup truck as seen in the video below. The show was lots of fun!


Video of Rolling Sculptures Car Show by Steve Rohde


Members Participate in 2013 Motor Muster

Club member Harvey Snitzer's 1971 Avanti II was featured at the 2013 Motor Muster on June 15-16. In addition several other club members had cars on display including Darrell Harding, Paul Coleman, Cole Grandy, Larry Miller, Ed Meurer, and Steve Rohde. Over 900 cars participated!


Harvey's Avanti at the show.

Steve's granddaughter Sydney learns how to drive!

The Motor Muster is intended to celebrate one of the "innovative eras of American automotive history – 1933-1976." The streets of Greenfield Village are filled with hundreds of classic cars, vintage trucks, and motorcycles. Included are everything from muscle cars to the real straight-out-of-the-showroom cars you and your parents grew up with. The cars are mostly all "stock." For more photos and a video click here.

Club "Scores" at Wilson Barn Car Show

On June 9, 2013, McDonalds on Middlebelt north of Plymouth in Livonia had their very own, early morning car show. That’s where members and guests of VMUSA gathered with their 27 vehicles for a quick breakfast before caravaning to the 33rd Annual Barn Show, hosted by the Road Knights and Friends of Wilson Barn. All that shiny paint and chrome turned a few heads as we pulled in and strategically parked under the trees. The tent went up, the chairs and tables came out and we were ready for a fun day.


The 7AM "McDonalds Car Show" in Livonia, MI.

The 33rd Annual Barn Show had about 600 vehicles participating this year and there was something for everyone. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a camper were on display. The craft barn was full, the vendors were open and local band, Men in Black, pounded out the beats. VMUSA was well represented, with pickups, coupes, convertibles, customs and originals sitting side by side. Smiles, laughter and friendship filled the day.

What a beautiful venue at the Barn!

Steve Rohde with his new "Princess"!


Over there was Paul Coleman using a lint roller to clean the top of his beautiful ‘57 Ford.  Larry Miller’s ‘57 Retractable sitting next to the diminuitive ‘60 Metropolitan made you take a second look! Back here sat Mike McLennan working on the back wheel of his ‘34 Pick Up. Everywhere you looked, people were busy admiring the vehicles and catching up with friends. Lunch was served and everyone enjoyed hot dogs, chili, chips, pop and water. Thank you Paul Coleman for manning the grill and thank you Mike Fontana for the chili. Of course, no party is complete without desert. Thank you to Bob and Lorraine Haas for providing ice cream to the club served from their unique ice cream car. 


Bob & Lorraine Haas serve ice cream out of their ice cream car! 

VMUSA was well represented in the awards, too! Our 27 vehicles took a total of 13 awards! Congratulations to George Fontana, Jim Goff, Mike McLennan, Phyllis Davidovich, Larry Miller, Paul Coleman, Roy Stull, Roxanne Fontana (2), Vahan Nazarian, Bob Haas, Dave Case, and Ed Danes. Nice job!For more photos and a video of the event click here.


Congratulations to Roxanne!!

Chairpersons' Group Meets to Define Upcoming Club Events

On June 3 the VMUSA Chairpersons Group (essentially the "Board") met at Brial Saylor's home to update our club event calendar. It was a long but productive meeting with lots of enthusiasm! The calendar that we came up with for the remainder of 2013 is shown here. As we get closer to event dates, more information will be posted here as well as emailed to members. So stay tuned!


Hank leads a lively discussion about upcoming events!

Has Cole become a fireman?? 


Don't Forget this Year's Concourse d'Elegance

Contact Joe Newland to register.

Club Visits the GM Heritage Center

On May 17 about 66 Vintage Motors USA Club members and guests visited the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan and toured its amazing car collection.

The GM North American Heritage Collection is made up of approximately 600 cars and trucks. Concept cars and special-interest styling/performance one-offs are part of the mix, along with significant race cars and milestone production vehicles. Each vehicle has a distinguishing characteristic. The GM Heritage Collection is ever-changing. New vehicles are constantly being obtained to fully represent GM's product story of the past 100+ years.


Art smiles as he views the collection!

Is Phyllis eyeing her next car?

Please click here to for more information about our visit including s video and more photos!

Mustang Parts for Sale (including some free ones!)


Gene Dickirson Publishes Book & Gives Lectures on the History of Automotive Climate Control

Club member Gene Dickirson recently gave three lectures on his new book "Automotive Climate Control 116 Years of Progress." These excellent lectures cover heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and windshield wiper systems from 1897 to the present. Click here to view the lectures.

The cover of Gene's recent book.

Tour to NA Model Engineering Expo and Vanguard Motor Sales Very Interesting!

On April 20, 2013 Vintage Motors club members attended the 24th Annual Model Engineering Exposition at the Yack Arena, in Wyandotte, Michigan. The exposition is sponsored by the North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) which is dedicated to promoting the hobby of model engineering.

Club members sure do look happy at the Expo!

Model steam engines operating on compressed air were on display as well as model gasoline and hot air engines. Many suppliers of model engineering tools and supplies were present.
This show was extremely interesting, and the skill that was required to create these engines was truly remarkable!

These guys look like they might actually buy a car here!

Vanguard Motor Sales has a very impressive assortment of cars!


Next, the Vintage Motors gang of about 40 reconvened at Vanguard Motor Sales in Plymouth where we saw an outstanding collection of used hot-rods and muscle cars for sale. Vanguard Motor Sales is an experienced eBay seller that has been in the business of buying and selling muscle cars for 23.5 years. They have 100% positive feedback on eBay! We were hosted by Greg Tayne at Vanguard where we enjoyed pizza and pop!

In summary, our April 20 tour was a lot of fun and quite educational too! For more photos and videos click here.


Super Turnout for Piquette Avenue Plant Tour! (More photos & a video now up!)

Vintage Motors USA keeps rolling along and April 6, 2013, found 70 members and guests touring the Ford Motor Company Piquette Avenue Plant, the birthplace of the Model T, in downtown Detroit. Knowing we’d work up a good appetite during the tour, 50 of us first met at Z’s Villa for lunch. Z’s Villa is a family-owned restaurant housed in a 3-story structure which is over 100 years old. It is an oasis in the area where we gathered for lunch, conversation and laughter.

The food and ambiance were great at Z's Villa.

The crowd then moved to the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant ready for our tour. As we gathered at the plant, the staff was a bit surprised at how many we had, but they gamely rallied and off we went. Tom Genova was our tour guide and proved knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining. Along with facts about the Ford plant, he shared interesting anecdotes about Henry Ford, the man. Mr. Ford had early “fireproofing” features built into the 1904 plant, a room designated as a “think tank,” and extra windows installed in the drafting room for additional light. You were also advised against smoking as evidenced by the “Positively No Smoking” sign still visible painted on the door – pock marked with several bullet holes! Yes sir, Mr. Ford!

Club members gather around Tom Genova as he explains the plant's history.

Tom kept our crowd involved, no easy task with so many milling about, but needed a bit of help from time to time. He made sure the children helped him test the horns on the display cars and needed assistance from one to run the freight elevator. Good thing we had the kids with us to lend him a hand.

As our tour ended, a collection was taken and donated to the museum. Once again, as our members and guests ended the day, VMUSA proved it doesn’t take much to have a lot of fun. Thank you to Z’s Villa and Ford Piquette Plant Staff for a great time. Stick around, folks – there’s so much more ahead! For more photos, inclding those by Van Nazarian, and a video please click here.

Visit to the Meurer Collection with the Studebaker Drivers Club Fun!

Winter still held us in its grip on March 16, 2013, but once again the Vintage Motors USA Club proved they can have fun any time of the year! VMUSA members and guests met with the Western Lake Erie and the Northeast Michigan Chapters of the Studebaker Drivers Club at The Meurer Collection to enjoy a few hours of friendship and fun. After our usual 15-minute-club meeting, we wandered through the wonderful collection of vehicles, campers, signs, and odds ‘n’ ends. This was a return visit for some of our members, but there are so many items of interest, it’s hard to see everything in just one visit. Here sat a 1956 Chevy Nomad, over there a 1947 Packard, a 1955 Pontiac Convertible, a 1955 Thunderbird, a 1937 Pierce Arrow Camper, and yes, Elvis, was still in the building. There was something for everyone and it was tough to choose a favorite.

Members of both clubs enjoyed the event!

It was a good crowd and everyone had a nice time. Some just wandered and admired what they saw while others were caught lying on the floor checking out the bumper brackets of a 1933 Ford. Everyone worked up a good appetite and lunch was served. Members of both clubs gathered to share pizza, pop and water. Smiles, laughter and good conversation topped our day. Thank you to the Meurer family for sharing their collection – always a fun way to spend a day! For more photos and videos of the event click here.

Club Photographer's Photo Show Continues Through March

Club member Van Nazarian's photo show at the Livonia City Hall, Lobby Gallery is continuing through March. Van has also recently posted his GM Heritage Center photos.

APRIL Club Member Visit to the Piquette Model T Plant Coming Soon -- NOTE DATE CHANGE

On April 6 VMUSA members will be visiting the Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit after having lunch 2 blocks away at Z's Villa. This is a VERY interesting plant! For more information, please click here.


Inside the Piquette Plant.


Museum Bronze Visit Amazing!

On February 23, 2013, deep into the gray days of a Michigan winter, 66 members and guests of the VMUSA gathered together in Auburn Hills at Museum Bronze. It was time for everyone to come out of hibernation and enjoy a day of friendship and fun and this was the place to be. Our group was welcomed to the museum by Sherri Reid Grant, Executive Director, Reid Foundation, who shared their history and objectives.


Sheri Reid Grant explains the museum collection to club members & guests.

Operated by The Reid Family Foundation, The Museum Bronze is a collection of more than 2,000 working models of steam engines, trains, ships and automobiles. As a private, non-profit organization, The Reid Foundation awards grants and scholarships for programs and activities that teach students how to design and build with a priority in fields that require hands-on skills or math and science. With displays that interest both children and adults, one can see the love of creativity The Reid Family Foundation shares.


We had a quick club meeting during the tour!

The precision-built models on display are a true tribute to hands-on craftsmanship. Our crowd enjoyed the display and soon learned there was a little something for everyone. There was a life-size fire truck in one corner and replicas of the Titanic in another. Up there was The Kitty Hawk, over here The Edmund Fitzgerald, the Stanley Steamer, cutaways of steam engines and model cars. Sitting near a collection of cutaway German truck models used by Hitler to teach students was the Tim Allen hot rod used to race Bob Villa on “Home Improvement.” Keep going and in the middle of a long display of miniature steam engines was a hand-cranked mini-sausage stuffer!


The Pizza was excellent!

There was a lot to see, and everyone worked up a good appetite for lunch. Pizzas were delivered, lunch was served and, too soon, it was time to leave. It was a challenge to see everything, but we gave it our best. Thank you to Museum Bronze for their hospitality and to Jerry Mattson for setting this visit up! It was a great get away for a mid-winter break. It’s always good to see friends and share a laugh. Stay tuned – it’s full speed ahead for the VMUSA! More photos and a video of the event can be found here. (Written by Roxanne Fontana.)


Michigan Chapter of NCRS to Hold 17th Annual Corvette Swap Meet

On April 21 the Michigan Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society will hold their 17th annual swap meet at Cauley Performance Automotive on Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield.

Several Vintage Motors USA club members are members of this club too.

For more information about the NCRS Michigan Chaper click here. To obtain information about obtaining a booth in the swap meet click here.

Club Photographer Has Photo Show During February

Club member Van Nazarian is having a photo show at the Livonia City Hall, Lobby Gallery the whole month of February. Van has also recently posted his 2011 and 2012 Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's photos and is in the process of organizing a special class at the 2013 Concours for 2013 Great Race cars. Go Van!



February Member Event Coming Soon

Come and join us for the Vintage Motors USA February member event.We will be visiting  the Museum Bronze in Auburn Hills at 10AM on February 23. Pizza will be served ($5). For more information, please contact Jerry. Click here for a map of this location.


Working models at Museum Bronze.

Video of Dick Monroe Memorial Dinner Now on YouTube

Video of January 19, 2013 Memorial Dinner by Steve Rohde


Dick Monroe Memorial Dinner Starts the Year's Events

Dick Monroe, good friend and member of VMUSA, sadly passed away last summer. One of his last wishes was to take his friends “out to dinner.” With Jim and Ed Goff and Larry Miller spearheading the event, VMUSA members and guests gathered for dinner on January 19, 2013, in his honor. The Club House was at capacity as we all enjoyed laughter, camaraderie, and fond memories.


Some of Dick's awards and photos were displayed.

We all thought we knew Dick, but this evening helped us know him even better. Dick was a complex man with many talents. A skilled tradesman, Dick was forever ready to help a friend, never expecting to be repaid. He had a unique sense of humor and could keep you laughing with his many stories.

Steve Rohde prepared an amazing video chronicling Dick’s life. While Steve and Brian Saylor set up the projector, Phil Lyon treated the crowd to a laugh-out-loud poem from “The Grease Pit Poet.” He then shared one that clearly characterized Dick’s giving, unselfish nature. It was tough to keep a dry eye.


The video "Remembering Dick Monroe" was shown.

Dick was an original Core Member of VMUSA and he cared a great deal about our club. VMUSA is grateful for the monetary contribution from Dick’s estate; with Dick’s help we’ll continue to have fun. Additionally, in Dick’s honor, Larry, Jim and Ed prepared an award to be presented to the single club member who did the most to support VMUSA in the prior year. The Core Group submitted candidates to Larry, Jim and Ed for this year’s award and they selected Brian Saylor. Congratulations, Brian. You deserve the recognition!


                 Ed & Jim Goff present Brian Saylor with the first               VMUSA Dick Monroe Memorial Award

The Road Kill Café was open, but without Dick, they didn’t have many customers. Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed a typical Dick Monroe meal – barbeque with all the fixin’s! The only thing missing was Dick’s corn on the cob!

A big thank you to Phyllis Davidovich, Cheryl Sauer, and Roxanne Fontana for the decorations and many thanks to everyone who pitched in for the evening’s clean up.  In a matter of minutes, the party scene was a memory. Thank you, Dick, from all of your friends -- you’ll always be with us.   For more photos and videos please click here. A video of the event is also available!

Van Nazarian Posts Ron Finch Studio Photos +

Van recently posted his wondeful photographs taken during our visit to Ron Finch's studio last summer. To see these click here. To see some of Van's other photography, click here.


The view outside one of Ron's windows! For more

information about our tour click here.

VMUSA 2012 in Review


Click above to see what we did in 2012!

Core Group Plans an Exciting 2013!

Please keep an eye on our coming events page for Club & other events!

Brian Saylor's Econoline in Cruis'News

Recently we reported that an Econoline similar to Brian Saylor's was on the cover of the December 2012 Cruis'News. Much to his surprise, Brian's beautiful 1965 Econoline was on page 41 of the January 2013 Cruis'News! His project will be completed in the spring.


Steve Rohde Elected as VP of the Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC)

Club Member Steve Rohde was recently elected VP of the Western Lake Erie Chapter of the SDC. Standing from left to right are Jim Pflegar, President; Rita Bunting, Secretary; Vida Parker, Treasurer; and Steve.