Technical Tip:

A Cheap Good Fix for a Tired Hood Pad by Brian Robson

hood pad

While preparing a '95 Jaguar for sale, I discovered the under hood silencing pad was damaged either from
a coolant leak or possibly even squirrels (in my book, organic wrecking balls).
These pads are very difficult to locate, and when I did, I didn't have enough mortgage left in my house to
buy one! After much thought, I came up empty. My sister, a seamstress, gave me a good idea.
I purchased two yards of black felt, four bottles of Elmers white glue (which dries clear not yellow), and a
can of Permatex carpet and headliner adhesive aerosol. All these things cost about $16.00.
After removing the pad from the hood and putting it on a table, I cut the felt to an oversize dimension of
the existing pad, about 3" in all directions. I then mixed the glue and about 3 gallons of warm tap water
and soaked the felt in the mix until it was sloppy wet. Then I squeezed out the felt just until it didn't drip.
With my wife not looking, I put this wet mess on top of the hood pad, it makes kind of a mess on the
table. Using anything I could find, I worked the felt onto the old pad until it fit and let it dry until the next
When I removed the felt, lo and behold the dang thing held the shape!
After cutting all the holes and trimming the edges, I sprayed a generous amount of adhesive on the
surface of the old pad and applied the new felt working it with my fingers to make good contact. I then
reinstalled the whole thing on the hood.
When I showed the thing to the customer, all he said was...WOW! The car sold a week later.